Wealthy and White

what are you doing with your wealth?

A portion of your wealth could be due to the systemic racism rife in America. If that makes you angry, let’s do something to change the system.


As a white person, have you wondered where your wealth came from? Besides your hard work, that is. Doors were open, and opportunities were presented to you. And that’s good; that’s how it should be – for everyone. But the truth is that it isn’t.


  • Acknowledging the divide in our country and doing something to change that.
  • Using your money and skills to make a difference – people don’t want handouts; they want opportunities.
  • Building an ecosystem.
  • Be intentional. By paying it forward, you will become wealthier – emotionally.

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Ed Mitzen

Ed Mitzen is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, among other things. He believes in action, not talk. That’s why he and his wife, Lisa, founded Business for Good. It’s an award-winning nonprofit that is helping underserved communities make a comeback.

“We the Tulsa Race Massacre survivors are so lucky that
God shined down on us through your kindness and
generosity. May God continue to bless you, your family,
and your great team.”

Mr. Hughes Van Ellis

102-year-old survivor of the Tulsa Race Massacre

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This book isn’t a traditional book about a personal journey.
It’s the beginning of a quest.

My entrepreneurial journey began at thirty when I founded my first company CHS. In 2008, I founded The Fingerpaint Group, which grew to over eight hundred employees across the globe. And for ten years straight, it has been on Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list.

I have worked hard for my success. But along with my business acumen, another factor was at play: the color of my skin. Because I am a white male, I had more access to opportunities. We have been taking the escalator, whereas black individuals and other minorities, the crumbling stairs.

America has a system, but it’s filled with racism. There are white individuals, especially white males, have had more chances to succeed than black individuals, even if they have the same education. Wealthy and White shouldn’t make you feel guilty. If you’ve worked hard to build your wealth, you deserve to enjoy it. But as a white male, your wealth was built on this system. And you need to do something about it.

I am. Wealthy and White is the beginning of my journey. Join me and get inspired to start yours.

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